Predictable Patterns : Unpredictable Results

Another summer training block finished and another fall training block starting. What started out as a predictable pattern, turned into an unpredictable end result to this Texas summer.The Summer went off somewhat predictable. I went back to Utah for an awesome trade show with PowerBar. ”PowerBar huh?” I was able to stay at the base of Park City and get in some serious trail running through the mountains. The terrain was more unpredictable than I had imagined, but I quickly fell in love with it. Bombing up and down the mountain with what seemed like endless ascents and descents… amazing.

Summer long runs with Austin’s finest and summer drinking with my brothers. Pretty predictable. I joined up with Texas Running Company to race Zilker Relays. I had some serious competition on that first leg which was predictable seeing as how Austin Bussing & Drew Soucy were rolling with me. I ran fast, and ran well, which was a bit unpredictable given my training after that garbage 10k in July.

One year ago this week, I wrote in my blog about how sometimes you”re flush, and sometimes you”re bust. Well last week, I left Vegas and came back a winner! I mean, to be honest, I actually came back with the same poison ivy I had all over my legs when I left, stitches from a mishap at the show, and I didn’t actually win any money. But I came back in a different state of mind. I didn’t realize it at the time, but after reflecting a bit, I am in a place I haven’t been in a long time. Just pure happiness. Maybe it was the PowerBar crew I had during the week I was in Vegas. Whatever it was, it was unpredictable.

It was a good week and a good summer, to say the least. I feel eager & excited for the uncertainty of what lies ahead with everything. These predictable patterns of life & training still expose unpredictable results. And that makes me happy for the future.

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