Watch-Less Courage

”I ain’t got nothing but time… but time is running out”.I just turned 28 and I figured it would be a good time to try and implement some realistic goals. These goals went further than just training and racing. Life goals. I didn’t set a timeframe on achieving these goals, more just set them, with the hopes of reaching them fairly quickly.

Courage is one of those goals. Having more courage to really do something great. It doesn’t matter if that greatness comes from running or something outside of running. Obviously, running has first dibs on doing something great.

The last two races I decided to take my watch off, and set it to the side. I wanted to see if I would have the courage to ”change gears” and go when it was time to go. To shoot for the gap. I came up a little short in what I wanted to run, but I didn’t know it during the race. I knew that I gave all the courage to make the moves I physically could in that very race. I just wanted to know I could run with the best.

At Run For The Water 10 miler I found the courage to run my race, face some adversity during the race, and still drop the hammer coming home. It felt good winning this race for the 3rd year in a row. But it felt even better to see how much money was raised for the Gazelle Foundation. That in itself is a great feeling. Gilbert has a great foundation that puts clean drinking water back into Burundi. Most know his story, but if not, you can go hear to read about his story:

Thanksgiving Day I lined up with some of the fastest guys ”watch-less” to see if I would have the courage to run faster than I ever have. I didn’t necessarily run the time I wanted, but I was still happy I threw caution to the wind and stuck my nose in it.

Club Cross Country out in Bethlehem Pennsylvania would be another courage test for myself. With the race having the deepest field that it has ever seen, it was going to be a big test to try and reach another goal. I went with the lead group through 5k, and just didn’t have the cross country strength I needed to hang tough. Racing on the roads, and racing in the grass are obviously two different monsters. But again I was happy I went with the leaders despite the big names being in the field. The courage to race with guys that are household names, even though I am not one. But I will make it a goal to be a household name by the time I am finished. Here

Here’s to hoping that I find the courage come Jan. 17 at the USA Half Marathon Championships. Cheers to achieving Nasty PR’s.

Big ups to my coach Derick at Durata Training, Jack and Adams, Mizuno Running, and everyone else that is behind me on this long run.

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