Marathon Madness in LA

I was in the middle of mile 20 when the anchors that had been wrapped around my ankles, were thrown out to sea. The feeling of no upward drive from my knees started to set in, and I became a tourist for the next 10k. Checking out all the famous attractions the last 5-6 miles was about all I was doing while my legs dragged behind me.It was about Mile 23 when I was recounting not “where it went all wrong”. But more, where it will go all right in this next phase. I had one sentence in my head that I kept thinking of while doing a 6 minute per mile shuffle over the rest of the LA Hills, “need more mileage, need more work.” It was pretty simple. Well, I guess I didn’t necessarily blame the lack of mileage on really anything. I blamed smashing my foot out of stupidity a month before, on why things went south the last three weeks of my marathon build. But that is neither here nor there. Sometimes accidents happen, and this accident just happened to hinder one of my biggest mileage weeks, and turned it into a day off here, running a workout there.

NEVERTHELESS! I had a lot of fun racing LA Marathon. I mean it wasn’t fun running like crap the last 10k, but it made me more ready to get back to work, and get ready for the next one.

I had no expectation of what I was going to run, when I was going to fuel, and what was going to happen out there. But who really does have a clue? I really wanted to run 5:15’s out there to make sure I could actually run the marathon qualifying time for the trials, but once the hills AND downhills started to come and go, that idea seemed to leave pretty quick. I love hills, I really do. But the downhills really pounded the hell out of my quads, and then put that together with trying to get momentum to crest all these other hills, and the countdown to jogging started. \n\nI took three PowerBar Tangerine Caffeine gels total the entire race. I actually had four pinned to my shorts, but one fell out around mile 7, and I didn’t want to stop and get it. I had a comfortable ”full” feeling going into the race after eating breakfast, so I didn’t really worry about dropping that gel. I took the gels at ~7, ~15, ~20. People talked about the heat affecting them, but to be honest I did not necessarily notice the heat.

We started at 6:55am and had decent cloud cover the entire race. Not to mention the sun was at our back and had a nice breeze. I”m not saying it was ideal, but LA in March isn’t ever ideal from what I have heard. Either way, the miles came and went without ever having a mental break down or hitting the wall. I mean that was until I couldn’t really move the legs any faster, but that’s not really hitting the wall. Mile 25-26 was the most fun. Not only because it was the finish, but because of how huge the crowd was. I was glad to have some friendly faces the last mile cheering me on.

To be honest I was happy it was over. I was ready to take some downtime and rest this battered body to start the next phase of training. The forward movement and slow build towards the Olympic Trials. I’ll be ready for you next year LA.

I just want to give huge thanks to my sister, who does so much to support my running. Things got a bit tricky that weekend with me and other professional runners not considered ”elite”, and she was the first to take the charge in getting things right for me. I consider myself a humble athlete and have worked very hard to get where I am at, and for others not to see that was a bit eye opening. It just made me hungrier than ever to continue the road to greatness.Also

Also big thanks to Derick from Durata, my massage guy Mark Kendall, Jack and Adams, and everyone that’s behind me on this!

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